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Why pay attention to the moon?

Every six months or more, I assess my "situation" in the energy of the full moon. I check in on how things in my life feel, and how I feel in relation to them. It's a clarifying investigation that helps keep me on track to my most fulfilling life experience.

I've learned that we are at our most fulfilled in life when our energy is clear and magnetic, our chakras healthy and flowing, and our sense of personal power activated. This means that our will, our heart, and our mind are decluttered and all on the same page, aligned toward a unified intent. That's when things can really begin to happen for us.

Today we are smack dab in the midst of an Aquarian full moon. It's a great time to do inner investigation and a mini life review. The energy of this moon feels soft and seductive, nourishing to the soul. And the frequency it carries invites a specific type of inner exploration...

So, August 23-25 is a great window to investigate what lessons you have learned during the past year, that you are ready to "close out." Full moon energy is all about closure and completion, and THIS particular full moon, even more so. It's a perfect time to tie up loose ends, make choices linked to your long term future, wrap up projects you've been working on, and release the lessons you feel complete with.

The thing is—energetically speaking, when we have a bunch of loose ends hanging about, unresolved decisions to make, incomplete projects, things we changed our mind about but haven't cut from or officially released, and old baggage weighing us down, our energy remains tangled up in things that aren't moving us forward. This keeps us feeling frazzled and stuck in what we don't enjoy.

We may not "get" that that's what's happening, but if we look, we can see the evidence of it in our lives. We feel scattered, tense, overwhelmed, tired, indecisive, anxious, unhappy, unfulfilled, depressed, and any number of other dense frequencies. This typically means our energy is locked up in our lower chakras, leaving us unfocused, unclear, and unable to take empowered actions on our behalf. It's difficult to accomplish anything under these sluggish energetic conditions.

It doesn't have to be this way. Full moon energy is a great time for women in particular to revamp our frequency by clearing out the stagnation we've accumulated inside. The moonlight's frequency carries a feminine vibe. We can give our heaviness to the moon by bathing in her light and letting her nourishing frequency wash the stagnation and heaviness out of our body. And we can invite her gentle touch in to give some much-needed TLC to our chakras, to bring balance to the flow of our energy, and to open up our creativity.

To do so, simply sit in the moonlight and feel the moonbeams as a stream of clear, pure light washing over you, taking the heaviness with it from crown to tailbone or feet, and depositing the residues of that heaviness you carry into the earth for purification. Then, you can invite creative inspiration to awaken inside by focusing your attention on your belly just below the naval, and breathing new life into that area of your body. This area is the energetic home of our sacral chakra where inspiration and creativity arise. Sitting and breathing in this way for even a few conscious minutes leaves us feeling purified, lighter, more at ease, and perhaps more spiritually awake and inspired.

I encourage you to bring more awareness to how your energy body impacts your sense of wellness, inspiration, motivation, and fulfillment, and begin taking steps to nourish yourself in new ways (like sitting in the moonlight) that add comfort, ease, and pleasure to your life. It doesn't cost a thing and offers so much goodness. Just remember that working with energy isn't a "mind thing." It's a sensory intuitive thing, so it's not accessed by thinking. It's accessed by experiencing.

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