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Find your path to happier living in ways that are genuine and lasting.


My guess is you found your way here because something important is out of balance in your life and you're not sure how to fix it. Because that's who finds me—females who are tired of inner struggle, doubt, and disappointment, who want to feel confident, happy, and clear about their direction. They show up with different obstacles, yet all of my clients are 100% ready for change. 

The thing is, since we take ourselves with us everywhere we go and into everything we do, nothing truly changes until we change at our core. 

We tend to blame our history or life circumstances for our difficulties, but our history and life circumstances don't define our lives. We do. It's not that these things don't matter, but it's how we relate to them that makes the difference. If you are ready to put past pains to rest and live a more fun,  fulfilling life no matter what your history or circumstances, book a session to get started. 

What I know now that I wish I'd known then:

Sometimes a different approach is all it takes to have that breakthrough you've been seeking to completely transform your life for the better.

It's much easier to face and release our pain
then it is to drag it around with us the rest of our lives. 


​My clients are teens to 60s female-identifying individuals who are ready to change their lives. Individuals, pairs, or trios permitted per session.  To work with me, you must be willing to speak your truth, trust in the process, and follow through with your commitments to yourself.

For these sessions, I integrate decades of training and practice in psychology, counseling, and life coaching with more ancient traditions of shamanism, energy wisdom, and other holistic methods to support your most authentic self. Your Therapeutic Coaching session combines practical wisdom with deeply transformative actions. Each session is confidential and personalized to your level of comfort and readiness so you can relax. After your Therapeutic Coaching session, you'll receive a follow up email with a specially selected practice to amplify your gains. 

Sessions are sacredly held either as a phone call or online via a conferencing app with or without video to give you the flexibility to get the help you want in the format that works best for you from anywhere. No need to bother with "near me" locations, yet in-person sessions may be available in and around the Austin, TX area.


My rate is $8o for a 60 minute session and $116 for a 90 minute session. Both sessions provide life-changing guidance, but a 90 minute session gives us time to address  more subtle, complex issues. In whatever session you choose, we will:

◦ unpack the issue at hand
◦ agree on what to address in the session
◦ use specific and proven techniques selected just for you to shift the issue 
◦ talk about the results, what you might expect moving forward, and how to maintain your gains 

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