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​A confidential place to feel and share
without the entanglements of family, friends, or colleagues. 

This is a private Facebook group for women 35+ years wise who have recently gone through a breakup, are single, and want to make changes but don't know how. NOTE: We do not make age or gender exceptions; non-binary, legally-female are welcome. 

Click the link below to join, but before you do, please read on to make sure this group is the best fit for you:

• This is a Facebook group, not a therapy, counseling or crisis group.
• No age exceptions; you must have walked this planet for at least 35 years to join.
• If you are 35+ and want to join, agreeing to and respecting our rules is required.

• No self-promotion, other promotion, lives, videos, sales, or marketing allowed. ​
• This group is an invitation to evolve out of the places you're stuck.
• This group is not a free-for-all, ego-validating, ex-bashing echo chamber.
• Posts and members that are rude, crude, or disrespectful are removed and/or blocked. 
• This group is a dogma-free, politics-free, "ism-free" space.
​• This group is hosted by CZ Mentoring, LLC.. I let members know what help is available to them through CZ Mentoring.

If this is a good match for you...

Need quick help? Download this free, instant-access eGuide. 
PS: this is not an "opt in" form...it really is just a download.