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Photo: Lost Maples State Natural Area, ©2019

Cecilia Zúñiga, PhD  |  Therapeutic Coach
Creating inner ease and happier living

CZ Mentoring, LLC |



Disillusioned with my career as a PhD-level School Psychologist, I left the public schools for the private sector. Trained and practiced in psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, life coaching, and more ancient healing modalities, I offer Therapeutic Coaching through my LLC. Certified in life & spiritual coaching, kundalini yoga & meditation, hospice support, shamanic practice, and energy healing techniques, I specialize in rebalancing and empowering the self. 


Certified Life & Spiritual Coach

Certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Shamanic & Energy Coach

Inductee, Toltec Eagle Knight Shamanic Lineage

Certified Hospice Volunteer

Nationally Certified School Psychologist/Retired

PhD Educational Psychology | Counseling

BA Psychology | Counseling



I'm a simple person. I enjoy being in nature. I love visiting the forests and the ocean. I cherish sun and moon rises and sets. I take whatever crosses my path as a gift. I'm deeply rooted in spirituality with a shamanic world view. I believe all things in this reality are sacred and have their own pranic power and purpose. My heart weeps for the pain we humans generate, while I celebrate the grace we bring. I pray for the soul healing and spiritual evolution of humankind so that all of life may thrive on this amazing and mystical planet earth we share.

~ Dr. Z

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