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The Sorcerer's Legacy

The Sorcerer’s Legacy tells the tale of Hanaria, a young maiden whose life is abducted one fateful night centuries before she is ever conceived. Her identity is kept masterfully hidden, concealed by the Elders to save the people from darkness. Generations of secrets later, she is thrust into a dangerous quest trying to understand what's happening to her and why. In the end she unravels an illusion so grand, even the Elders overlooked it.


The Sorcerer's Legacy is a fun, entertaining read with relatable characters for tween and adult readers of all stages. We meet our young heroine in Book 1—HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Son as she struggles with feeling like an outcast in her own family. As she grows from child to tween, her curiosity leads her into troubling situations that threaten her safety and challenge her family's good reputation in the territories. 


Hanaria's boldness as a teenager lands her in a dangerous situation in Book 2—HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Call when she follows a mysterious and haunting sound into unknown territory. The events that follow threaten her life and raise suspicions about who she really is. She continues to search for answers to the oddities she's experiencing and is unwittingly drawn into the center of a dangerous struggle for power.

In Book 3—HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Prophecy, Hanaria finds herself floating in a turbulent sea of mysterious circumstances during a perilous time when she can trust no one. A recurring dream holds clues to the answers she seeks, but she doesn't understand what it means. She only knows that she feels like a stranger in her own life. Following several deaths in her village, a firestorm of rumors surface that claim Hanaria is to blame. Is she? What is happening to her, and who can she turn to for help?

As Hanaria's options shrink, those loyal to her family and to an ancient prophecy come to her aid in Book 4—HANARIA and the Sorcerer's War. But they can only protect her so much. The wicked Formorii are bent on finding her to put an end to their silence and secure themselves in what they see as their rightful place of power. Fated with saving the territories from their darkness, Hanaria finds herself battling against the tug of something deep and alluring within as the sorcerer's war begins.

The Sorcerer's Legacy is more than your average adventure series. With maps to see exactly where things happen in this foregone world, fun Easter Eggs to discover in each book, and a helpful glossary with quick reference to characters, places, events, and new words created specifically for this tale, it's a fully-loaded reading experience! 

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Book 4 ​(2023)
​HANARIA and the Sorcerer's War

5-Star rating on Amazon

As Hanaria's outer world becomes more and more dangerous, her inner world begins to tug at her in powerful ways she thinks she understands, yet is it true or is it all an illusion, an ancient weaving of the threads of reality into something altogether wicked? Buy on Amazon.

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Book 3 ​(2022)
​HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Prophecy

5-Star rating on Amazon

A mysterious stranger delivers Hanaria’s body home fifteen days after her disappearance. The King's Advisor claims she bears a threatening curse that only he can break, and so he is granted power over her and the village. With Hanaria close to death, who can fight against the Advisor's manipulations before he carries out his wicked plan? Buy on Amazon.

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Book 2 (2021)
HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Call 

5-Star rating on Amazon 

​​With her older sister wed and gone, the rebellious Hanaria endures more pressure from her parents to uphold her duties. One day she hears a haunting call deep in the woods and follows it beyond their borders. A turn of events finds her compromised and isolated in a strange place far from home. Can she trust the old woman who takes her in or has she fallen into the sorcerer's trap? Buy on Amazon.


Book 1 ​(2020)
​HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Son

4+ Star rating on Amazon

​When the restless Hanaria sees an ominous glow in the night sky, she disregards the Advisor’s warnings and follows a hidden passage into the restricted Wild Woods to discover its source. What she encounters leads her into a world of ancient legend, sorcery, and secrets. By the next morning, she has mysteriously forgotten everything, but the residue of fire ash on her boots ignites her wonder…and that of the sorcerer’s son. Buy on Amazon

"Where do I purchase the 2nd and 3rd one? My daughter loved the first one."
"An intriguing book with detailed descriptions that alights my imagination. I want more, please."
"As soon as i started reading this book i was hooked." 
"I loved Hanaria and all her adventures. I look forward to the following books."
"It left me wanting more, so luckily is the first in a series!"

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