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Catch the HANARIA wave!

If you haven't picked up this new, exciting series yet, it's time to catch the wave. An easy, enjoyable read, it's an attention-grabbing romantic adventure that you won't want to put down. Get caught up on Books 1 and 2 to be ready when Book 3 drops on April 8th.

The legend of The Sorcerer's Legacy begins with Book 1 — HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Son. Hanaria seems innocent enough, but something strange is brewing and those closest to her begin to notice it. The mystery begins to unravel when an ancient sign comes to pass, leaving the elders charged with her care worried, and the sorcerer's son emboldened.

In Book 2 — HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Call, we meet a maturing Hanaria. As she hits her mid teens, it becomes more and more clear that there is something unique about her, though most take it for a rebellious spirit. When she follows a mysterious call into the woods and goes missing, everyone fears for her safety. None could have known that something old and dark was unfolding in the wake of her disappearance. Intent on her safe return, her father unwittingly puts her fate in the hands of the one man who has the power to destroy her.

The saga of The Sorcerer's Legacy shifts into high gear in Book 3 — HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Prophecy when a mysterious stranger deposits Hanaria's lifeless body at the gates of her home at High Star Manor in critical condition, setting off a string of gossip that makes her out to be the people's enemy. Cast under a veil of darkness and imprisoned at the hands of her father's scheming apothecary, a bold rescue is planned by a brave few who are loyal to the ancient legend of the prophecy. But spies are everywhere, putting them all in grave danger. Is there no one to shine the light of truth into the rising darkness?

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