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Well...Today is the day I traditionally publish another installment in my HANARIA book series. Last year on this day I anticipated publishing Book 5 - HANARIA and the Sorcerer's Return. But alas, the past year has been too emotionally complex for me to do much writing, so no new book today. I'll say that I'm sorry because I am. Not because I took care of myself instead of finishing the book, but because my readers will be disappointed. Now we'll have to wait another year for Book 5.

There is a reason I publish the HANARIA series books on this date. Today is my Mother's birthday. She would have been 92 years old, but she died in 2017. I publish the books on this day in honor of her because she was the biggest supporter and fan of my writing. She loved that I wrote and published books, and I love that she loved it.

On this particular April 8th in Texas, we had a Total Solar Eclipse this afternoon and we have a New Moon tonight. This means that it's a particularly powerful day for delving into the shadowy side of our lives. I could get all weird about it but instead I reflect on the parts of myself and my life that usually stay hidden in the the pain I feel in my heart from things happening in our world today—like wars, greed, fear, ego, deceit, betrayal, and division...things strongly reflected in the story that Book 5 brings forth. Maybe that's why it has been hard for me to approach this story?

I crave a different kind of world, one in which peace, unity, and harmony win. Perhaps Book 5 will breathe some life into this dream...

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