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Insider's view of my writing space

For those curious fans who have asked, here's a quick snap of my writing desk. It's nothing special or fancy. I sit in front of a window, which I love, and usually have a favorite beverage on tap. This particular day I was drinking a homemade green smoothie.

I always keep a live plant of some kind on my desk. Live plants ground and center me. They also just make me feel good. I love my little succulent.

The small photo resting in front of the succulent is something I picked up at an amazing art fest last weekend. I haven't gotten a frame for it yet so it's still in a plastic sheath. It's a simple image of an arch of grass backlit by soft sunlight against a dappled green background. In my head I could hear the wind rustling through the dangling grass seed pods and see them gently waving in a soft breeze. The color and feel of the image are so calming and gentle. I know I'll find the perfect spot for it.

If you look closely enough, you can see two items sitting on my backup drive and disc drive below my monitor. One is a piece of black tourmaline. The other is a small plastic yoda figure. Each one offers something energetically unique to support and inspire me. Yoda used to hold a lightsaber, but it broke and I haven't glued it back together yet...

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