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What's "good" and what's "bad?"

Some days it seems that nothing goes our way, and other days it seems that things just flow along easily. Our tendency is to attach a story about why, because the (ego) mind is obsessed with understanding things so it can apply that knowledge to future events.

But what happens if we don't try to turn things into something concrete, if we just allow them to be what they are in the moment without judging them or ourselves as good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative? What happens when we shed the need to label things or attach a definitive meaning to them? Do they become meaningless?

What I have found is that they take on a much greater meaning, one that serves something other than the limited story in my mind, one that opens a doorway into the infinite realm of the mystery of this existence.

"I don't know" is often my mantra—a gateway into infinite possibilities that I trust are in service to not only my soul's evolution, but the evolution of what I call the soul of life.

Whew. I'll sleep on this one tonight…

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