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Nine healing questions for May 5, 2023 full moon eclipse

Hello and heads up, my friends...

We are smack-dab in the middle of eclipse season 2023, with the solar eclipse (about new beginnings and change) we had about a week ago on April 20th and a full moon lunar eclipse approaching this Friday, May 5th. Eclipses harken a process of ongoing change and transformation, something that may have started months or even years ago and may continue for months or years more.

Whew...these are powerful times, energetically speaking. Full moons are powerful on their own, particularly for women, which makes a full moon lunar eclipse an extra potent or super charged time for us. Let me unpack this one a bit:

May's full moon in North America is known by several names, yet is typically referred to as the "Flower Moon" for obvious reasons, i.e., because wild flowers generally spring forth this month. By whatever name, the gist of its energy has to do with new growth, potential change, and blossoming or springing forth. We might say that it's a more mature version of birthing into something new. There's been some inner preparation and we are ready...yet leaping and changing can still feel uncomfortable or unsettling, even when in a desired direction.

This energy is amplified by the penumbral lunar eclipse—one that is about subtleties rather than blatant shadows. Generally speaking, lunar eclipses are about a shift in direction, transformation, evolution, and/or a completion of something. They are also about shadow work and shadow healing. They give us an opportunity to detach from and release what no longer serves us. They inspire or energetically push or move us out of stagnation and old energies that no longer serve us. They are also a time of revelation or the exposure of truths. Information is revealed, truths are revealed, and we may find ourselves faced with some surprising news— revelations that deeply impact us and our lives.

It's possible that more intense emotions we normally keep hidden will stir and surface. We may feel more protective of our inner world or feel more vulnerable in terms of our feelings. We may struggle to identify our needs and desires so that we can meet them. We may have emotional swells, breakdowns, and/or breakthroughs. And because this particular full moon is in Scorpio, it asks us to connect more deeply with our intuition and inner world without judgement or reaction, and instead to step into what is revealed with heightened compassion and presence.

Here are nine healing questions to explore during this eclipse window to embrace and honor your truest self:

  1. What old emotional baggage is still weighing you down?

  2. Where do thoughts, feelings, or sensations of scarcity and fear still grip you?

  3. Where are you holding back or denying yourself true contentment, compassion, or pleasure?

  4. What are you truly needing, wanting, and desiring in your life that you don't embrace or talk about?

  5. What or who are you ready to release from your life?

  6. What are you overindulging that is holding you back or disrupting your life flow?

  7. What shadowed truths are you ready to reveal and embrace?

  8. Where is your life stagnating and needing energy, and how can you change that?

  9. What emotional breakthrough is rising to the surface for you to embrace?

Be gentle and aware within yourself during this time, and through the month of May. Happy shadow healing!

If you choose professional support for inner clarifying and healing, check out my Therapeutic Life Coaching sessions which are powerful, effective, and affordable. Cheers! Ceci

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