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Why ignoring the spring equinox is a bad idea

Hello my friend.

I don't know about you, but I've been busy—working a part-time job, participating in online learning opportunities and launching an updated course of my own, publishing a revised edition of Book 1 in my The Sorcerer's Legacy novel series, preparing Book 2 for publication, managing my life coaching business, CZ Mentoring LLC, coaching several online groups, and more. The opportunities to "show up differently" in the world just keep on coming.

2021 started off with a bang. January brought a tense political shift. February brought a deep freeze to Texas the likes of which hasn't happened in nearly 40 years. Covid continues to take a massive toll on everyone and everything. And now the Spring Equinox is just around the corner. It marks an important energetic shift for us, so it feels like a good time to reach out.

Seasonal Activation

The spring equinox marks the turning of the seasonal wheel from winter to spring. This involves a massive energetic shift from a more sedate, internal frequency to a more active, growthful frequency.

You may be feeling the ripples of this shift beginning to form for yourself: looking forward to getting out more, feeling the urge to be more active, wanting to connect with people and things, looking for a new project to take on, spending more time outdoors, and noticing differences in the sun and temperatures.

Personal Activation

This is a great time to decide what you want to cultivate in your life this year. What seeds do you want to plant into your world? What goals do you want to set, commit to, and track throughout the year? What life changes are calling to you? What preparation or ground work is needed now for these things to manifest later?

Balance and Harmony

Another aspect of the equinox has to do with balance and harmony. On the equinox itself, day and night are of equal length, a perfect and harmonious balance of light and shadow. Where are more balance and harmony needed inside? Where are more balance and harmony needed outside? What darkness are you dealing with that is calling for light, and how can you answer that call? Where is there too much light or exposure in your life that needs some tempering? These are worthy explorations for the rest of the month as we spring into spring...

If you run into something you need a little guidance around, book a life coaching call and let's get you going in the desired direction.

As always...if you change nothing, nothing changes.

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