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How to make the most of the new year 2020

A new year is right around the corner...already. It's new year's eve in the good old US of A and folks everywhere are celebrating with family, friends, food, fireworks and fun. Are you wondering where the last year went or what you accomplished in it? Sometimes reviewing the past year feels stressful, and sometimes it feels relieving. Many of us are ready to put the past behind us and get a fresh start. So how can we make the most of this transition?


No matter how difficult the past year was, focus on its completion and the start of a new one. The idea of leaving the past year behind and starting a brand new one can bring gratitude for the goodness that is always there between the cracks in our lives. It also brings a sense of relief from the challenges and the pressure of unmet dreams. We think, "Well, at least I get a fresh start."


I wonder how many fresh starts we get? Do you ever wonder that? I've had 55 so far. In between this moment and my first, I've imagined and played, danced and sang, dreamed and dared, laughed, cried, hurt, loved and lost. Once I even approached death.

I've done so many things and yet so many dreams remain. Each year brings a new hope of maybe, just maybe, this will be the one, my year to live my dream life. And then I remember that classic movie, It's A Wonderful Life and wonder, "Maybe this is it, right where I am, doing exactly what I'm doing..."


Isn't every day we breathe a dream? A gift? A special reason to celebrate? We don't have to be here. We were chosen to be here at this time, in this place, with these people. Strange, isn't it? Why do you think that is?

None of us knows; we just know that we are. So with a brand new year looming, what do we want to leave behind and what do we want to carry forward? It's our choice, after all, and it's what we choose in the present moment that holds our power.


A wise man once said, "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." Not bad advice for the start of a brand new year. Here are 10 simple questions to move you into 2020 with more clarity:

  1. What do you want to leave behind?

  2. What do you want to carry forward?

  3. What new things do you want to bring in?

  4. What one change are you ready to make?

  5. What do you want to devote your time and energy to?

  6. What old habit are you ready to drop?

  7. What new habit are you ready to start?

  8. What resistance are you ready to release?

  9. What openness are you ready to embrace?

  10. What dream are you ready to manifest?

Whatever you decide you are ready to release from your life and put down, write it on paper. Then safely and ceremonially burn it to release it and all it contains from not only your life but from your vibration. As you walk away, feel in your will, heart and mind that you are done with all of it and make a commitment to yourself never to pick it up again.

Whatever you are ready to bring into your life and grow, write it on paper too. Then ceremonially bury it in a special place that feels good so it can be nourished into bloom. Decorate or mark the site somehow if you want. Then let any attachments to your dreams go.

Our attachments disrupt and stifle the flow of energy that can make them manifest in our lives. So plant your dreams and let them go like seeds into soil. Nourish them with your excitement of how great it will feel to have them in your life, but do not try and formulate how they will get to you. Leave that to the Supreme Divine Source.

Create an amazing 2020, my dear friend!

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