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Miracles are all about energy

Let me tell you a story about a miracle in my life. One day I went to the local Toyota dealership with a friend who was looking for a truck. I wasn't shopping, my friend was. In fact, I was dawdling around outside when she came out and said something like, "There's a car inside that you might want to see." I thought, nah, I can't afford any of these, but I followed her inside anyway.

I really needed a new car and in doing research, I'd discovered that what I really wanted was a Toyota Prius hybrid, but then gave up on it after seeing the price tag. I wasn't actively shopping for a car that day, but when I walked inside, there in the middle of the showroom floor was my car—the exact one I'd secretly been wishing for...right down to the color!

I mean, this car had everything I'd dreamed of—leather seats, nice sound system with a cd player, white exterior, gray interior, antilock brakes, all the airbags and safety features, and it was a four-door hatchback...with a price tag that was about $11,000 less than any I'd seen in my research, so I could actually afford it.

We took the car for a spin, and to my friend's trepidation and surprise, I bought that car on the spot! She kept asking me questions like, "Are you sure? Don't you want to test drive any others? Don't you want to keep looking?" No, no, no was my answer. I knew without a doubt that this was my car. Later that evening after hours of paperwork, I drove it home with a huge smile on my face. That was over 8 years ago and I still love my car.

How is it possible that everything I dreamed of in a car could show up out of the blue for a price I could afford when everything I researched said it did not exist? This kind of experience feels like a miracle, yet it's actually about our energy.

What I'm talking about is commonly known as manifesting. We've all heard that term. It really took off after the movie The Secret came out, but few of us feel that we are any good at it, and most people I know are skeptical that it really works.

I used to be one of those people. I'm not anymore because I've learned that energy awareness is at the heart of manifesting. Manifesting has most to do with frequency, and frequency is energy...and I've come to understand a lot about how energy works.

In the case of my car, what I did was research what I wanted—a Prius hybrid. Then in my imagination, I felt the excitement of how it would be to own one without concern over the cost, and how fun it would be to drive it. I imagined myself listening to music while I drove, feeling proud to be in a hybrid, and how good it would feel to own that car. All of this is typical manifesting work.

But then this happened: when I researched them and realized they were out of my price range, I released that dream because it felt out of reach and impossible. I didn't choose another car because I didn't really want any other car, but I kept researching, hoping I'd land on something that would feel okay.

What I failed to realize at the time was that by dreaming the dream and then releasing it, I actually allowed it to manifest! When we get out of our thoughts (which confound energy) and rest into our feelings (which stimulate energy), we plant seeds into the infinite realm of possibility. And when we release our attachment to how those feelings are brought into our reality, we allow the Universe or Source to answer in unlimited and unexpected putting the perfect car in the perfect dealership on the perfect day with all the perfect perks at the perfect (unimaginable) price for me.

I never imagined there was a way for me to buy that car. I just assumed it was an impossible dream. But when allowed to flow freely (i.e., without the constraints of my mind), the Universe answered in its amazing, unlimited capacity to do so.

In the case of my car, the Universe manifested one that was a floor demo from the previous year. Since the new models had arrived, they were anxious to ditch the "old" ones. My car is a 2012 model that I bought in 2013 with all of 9 miles on it for an unbelievable price that I could easily afford and never imagined was possible because my research said it wasn't so. Once I dreamed the dream and then released it, I set it free to manifest in whatever way the Universe arranged...and it did.

This is how energy moves through our lives, and although in the example of my car I didn't see it until it happened, the point is that it does happen, every day, all the time. We just have to understand how energy works and learn to work with it instead of against it. That generally means knowing the proper way to ask for what we want, clearing the inner obstacles that block its flow into our life, and then noticing what shows up, which is all fairly easy to do once we know how.

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