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Why we need bigger surf boards

It's normal to feel sad and angry about things one day (or moment), and then okay the next. Healing and growth aren't a straight, smooth cruise to the top. They're a crazy rollercoaster ride!

The key is learning to surf the waves that shake things up and reveal the truth—the stuff hidden beneath the sand. Without storms and waves, you stagnate, freeze, and cling like a barnacle to whatever you think is your life preserver.

But no matter how badly you want things to stay the same, everything is in a constant state of change. Nothing lasts forever, so clinging never works. If you cling to something long enough, releasing your vice grip feels like torture, a death sentence.

If you want lasting freedom and peace, learn to trust, to let go, to feel the flow and ride the waves. Once you trust yourself, the ride is fun no matter what. You'll coast on gracefully sometimes, and crash violently other times, just like everyone else does. And that's okay.

There's no shame in the crashes. They mean you're alive and fully living. It's all the being part of human—having real experiences, feeling a range of emotions, living courageously instead of keeping your car in the drabness of the garage...because nothing great comes from that.

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