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These questions can crack suffering

Hello my friend. How are you?

It's a day to day adventure around here. Some days it feels like the gaps between people are steep, deep, and growing, while other days I feel the surge of compassion, unity, and love rise up in defense of peace and harmony. The world is changing quickly, which is nudging us to change more quickly than many of us are used to or comfortable with.

So I ask you again, how are you, really?

Are you finding peace in genuine connection with others? Is your heart open to hearing, holding, and exploring differing points of view and contrasting beliefs? Do compassion and love supersede righteousness and fear inside? Are you willing to challenge yourself, to enter the realm of personal exposure and vulnerability?

These are powerful questions to ponder within, because the answers to such questions are what guide us to either evolve and elevate, or continue to suffer—not only as individuals, but as a people, world, and planet. Until all beings are safe, free, and able to thrive, none of us are...Just sayin’.

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