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Why being a woman is super important

Hey there, my friends.

Just checking in because I'm hearing from many women that they are There are all the obvious reason why this might be the case—political tensions, racial tensions, financial stressors, health stressors, personal stressors, stressors from massive life-style changes, and so much more...

We women could explain away the tension we feel inside in these ways, yet I'm experiencing it as something much deeper. There's a movement happening within the larger field of existence, a balancing of energies. This movement is essential to our existence and possibly to our survival. Do you catch my drift?


This isn't about "us" and "them." In fact it's quite the opposite. This is about "we" and "our." The larger movement beneath what we're experiencing in the media and agenda-driven surface of our lives is unitive rather than divisive.

Yet to connect with this larger movement, we must be able to see beyond our conditioned selves and behind the curtain of illusion that we are stuffed with on a daily basis. We must be willing to at least consider that there is more going on here than meets the eye.

If you're paying attention at all, you may have seen and heard a lot about this already. I'm going to add my voice to the stream, because this is important for us to understand. And not only to understand, but to truly feel. And not only to truly feel, but to align with.

If we don't, if we choose instead to continue to ignore or deny it, to take sides and reinforce the "us" versus "them" mentality, we open the floodgates for even more suffering. Not just for us personally, but for the people, animals, sea creatures, birds, lands, waters, and air we are all connected to...the whole of this thing we call "life."


For women right now, it is essential that we stop ignoring and denying our inner voices, our intuitive wisdom, and our inherent power as a mighty force in this reality...because it's that voice, that deeper wisdom, that is called for now.

Just because we have ignored and denied the inner echo of our true voices, our intuitive wisdom, and our powerful purpose does not mean it does not exist. It does! Absolutely and without a doubt, it is a part of us, who we are.

Life circumstances and history cannot, do not, wipe that away. It's an inherent part of our nature as the life-bearers. No amount of denial, rejection, laws, abuse, or toxicity can take that away from us. And that is why today, she rises.

She rises. Do you feel the power in that? I do. And I feel it in every client I'm working with. I feel it in the voices of women everywhere, from every corner of the globe, and every walk of life too.


It is time. There is no more room to ignore or deny the call of the feminine spirit, or to abandon the feminine soul. For, life is suffering and can no longer exist without the soul's love.

I invite you to listen within. Listen truly and deeply to the seemingly empty spaces within your being. Listen to the echos of your heartbeat and feel its pulsing rhythm, the rhythm of life itself. This is you; this is life pulsing through you, God, the supreme being, pulsing through you.

You are no more or less worthy than anyone else, anything else, in this universe of existence to be here, to be empowered, and to be a force of goodness. But this is something you must claim. It will not force itself upon you, because it is you. And it holds no power through you until you proclaim it.


If you've read this far, you are my sister, no matter how you take my words. And I am your sister, standing for goodness beside you. I invite you to make a commitment to yourself to never give in, and to take what steps you can toward cultivating an intimate relationship with your powerful true self. Here are some ways to start doing that today:

1. Make time weekly, if not daily, to sit or walk in nature, long enough to connect your full attention to the natural world around you, to observe it with the curiosity of a babe. This is building your capacity toward presence and mindfulness, which instill inner peace.

2. Move your body regularly if not daily, in any way that feels good to you: a brisk walk, a visit to a gym, dancing, stretching, doing yoga, jogging, running, anything you want! This helps you shed stress and nourish your physical body and spirit, which is essential to wellness.

3. Pick up a simple meditation practice regularly, if not daily. This carves out the space for you to connect with your true, infinite nature and build a relationship to that part of yourself. Doing so starts the process of shifting your power from the conditioned self with all of its requirements, to your true self which is free.

4. Get in the habit of using a journal. Writing down our experiences on the regular allows you to witness them more completely and neutrally, release more dense energies from your psyche, and more fully harvest the lessons you've learned.

5. Do things that inspire, relax, and fulfill you at least monthly, if not more. Some ideas are to take a nourishing bath, do art of any kind, take yourself somewhere of special interest, connect with someone you admire, start a new hobby you've been wanting to try, or treat yourself to something you've been waiting for.

Remember, if you change nothing, nothing changes.

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