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Your "genuine" self and why it matters

Did you know that in order to access genuine fulfillment in life, you must cultivate a relationship with your genuine self? And did you know that by ignoring your genuine self, you keep yourself cycling in unfulfilling, conditioned illusions? How do you imagine your life might change if you shifted this dynamic inside?

I can tell you that it's entirely possible to do so. I spent a few decades of my life figuring out how, and cultivating this shift within. This journey changed everything for me. And yes, it's a lifelong endeavor, yet isn't genuine, lasting fulfillment an endeavor worth pursuing?

Most of us grow up within conditions that sever our connection to our soul or genuine self from the time we are born. Whereas at birth we enter with a sensory body that is wide open, receptive, and connected to Source, this connection gets broken as we are conditioned into the social norms of our community. And as we grow, we may lose our connection altogether, until such a time when our soul is compelled to evolve, and we are ready to devote ourselves to that evolution.

As the world around us continues to change at a more rapid pace than ever before, we too are compelled to change more rapidly. And by change, I mean evolve. We are—each and every one of us—being called to evolve on a soul level. The question is, will you answer that call?

Some humans will, and others won't. There's no right or wrong here. There's just the choice that feels most aligned for you and your soul.

If you don't know how to hear the voice of your soul, we tackle that in the After A Breakup HELP program and this also tends to come up in private sessions with clients. The voice of your intuition or soul has a specific "tone" to it that makes it easy to distinguish from the voice of your conditioned self or ego. Once you know the differences between the two, you can start nourishing your relationship with (and trust in) the voice of your intuitive, soul, or highest wisdom above that of your conditioned self or ego.

Years ago I learned this simple, heart-centering and opening practice through the Sufi tradition. It's a great way to begin cultivating a deeper connection with your highest (or infinite) self, the part of you that remains more directly connected to the Supreme Source from which you were created. It's also a helpful tool to use when you feel overwhelmed or fragile. Try it out and see what you think.

NOTE: Closing the eyes immediately begins to calm the mind and emotions down by decreasing the visual sensory stimulation that activates them.

As always, remember that if you change nothing, nothing changes...

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