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What do you really want and how do you get it?

I recently visited Enchanted Rock State Natural Area and have never seen it so beautiful. Creeks were flowing, birds were singing, everything was green and buzzing with new life, and the wildflowers were amazing! I left feeling refreshed, renewed, inspired and so alive. I took many pictures but I'll spare you and share just this one, taken on top of the Rock:

SPRING IS ABOUT FEELINGS. It's a time of year that naturally stirs our senses and teases our energy to awaken. We break from Winter's chill and step into the warmth of the Sun. We are surrounded by new life blossoming everywhere. And we feel it.

OUR FEELINGS ARE A POINTER. They're a clue to how connected we feel to the Source of all things. When we are connected to that Source, we feel in tune with our true selves, more positive and in step with the larger flow of life around us.

When we're disconnected from Source, we don't feel that way because we're disconnected from our true self and by default, from the rest of life. From that place, everything we desire becomes harder to achieve. It's easy to feel bad. Our mind slips into heavy thoughts that keep us stuck in depression or worry.

SO HOW ARE YOU FEELING THESE DAYS? Are you excited about what's happening or uncertain and anxious? Do you feel inspired or shut down? Are you open to the flow of life around you or detached from it?

Maybe you're somewhere in the middle, trudging along in your life day after day feeling okay...and secretly wishing for more. But how do you get it? What needs to change?

THE ANSWER IS INSIDE YOU. It's funny that we always hold our own answers but we can't find them ourselves. We have too many defenses in place that keep us from them. It's our psyche's way of playing guardian. It thinks it's helpful to keep our deepest truths hidden.

But what that really does is keep us in struggle. We can't make the changes we want without access to our truth. Ignoring, denying and hiding our truth gets us nowhere and boxes us into "unhappy." And that keeps our heart closed, which keeps us disconnected from Source...

YOU SEE THE PROBLEM? We get caught in a cycle of denying our truth, feeling unhappy, disconnecting from flow and Source, feeling more unhappy, etc. So what's the answer? How do we free ourselves from this cycle?

I've often asked myself this question. My answer changes as I grow and evolve but what I will say today is this—it's your life so...

  • stop believing the voice in your head

  • start believing the voice in your heart

  • take actions that inspire and support you

  • don't stop because of other's fears

  • get guidance from those who are "there"

I love this inspiring video by Goalcast about going for those changes we want. Check it out:

TAKE ACTION. That's all we have to do...take action. Even one step. Everything we need is provided by Source; everything. But we have to be open to receive it.

So if you find yourself closed, wanting change to happen...take action. Open. Sit in the Sun. Take a walk. Make a call. Write a letter. Do art. Do something that shows you care and are there for yourself.

Never ever give up on yourself or your dreams. Your truth matters and your precious life is a powerful gift meant to be lived fully.

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