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Book 4 is in bookstores

I am happy to announce that The Sorcerer's Legacy Book 4 - HANARIA and the Sorcerer's War - is already available to book stores and will be released to the public on Amazon in early April. Yay!

Here is a special sneak peek just for you:

War is dawning across the territories. Everyone is nervous. A small party of travelers walks quietly through the woods, making their way to safety when attackers come out of nowhere.

In a moment of strange stillness, Noni senses that something is wrong. In the next, she and her three companions are fighting for their lives, yet the only one that matters to her—to any of them—is Hanarias. In the fighting, she loses sight of the girl. Is she safe? Will she survive this? Will any of them?

It isn’t supposed to go this way. Hanaria is the Chosen One with special protections. She is the key to their lives. The fate of all the territories rests in her hands, but are the protections enough or is she inescapably bound by the sorcerer's ancient curse to destroy everything she loves? And so goes HANARIA and the Sorcerer's War, book four in The Sorcerer's Legacy series.

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