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Re-synch for ease and peace

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? There's no parking space; traffic is bottlenecked; you're running late; you drop your keys in the mud; you spill your coffee, forget to bring what you needed, etc...

This means more than you think. From a metaphysical perspective, when this happens we are out of synch with our true selves and with our Source. In other words, our energy is disconnected from the larger context of our lives. This tends to happen when we stay too much in our heads and not enough in our hearts, when our thoughts rule our lives instead of our intuition.

We are so much more than our thoughts. Our thoughts would have us believe that being an individual is all we have and is all we are. But this is a lie. Individuality is only a part of us—the part that gives unique expression to our spiritual gifts. We are so much more than an individual.

Consider this. As newborns we aren't aware of an identity. This reality feels strange and foreign to a being who feels infinite. Babies look around with wide-eyed wonder at everything around them, their mind not yet able to sort the field of life into thoughts and descriptions, disconnected bits and pieces of data.

As we grow up, all attention goes to nurturing our thinking minds into a linear process of sorting, reasoning, describing, labeling and categorizing. We lose touch with our spirits and intuition, to our sensory and energy bodies because this modern culture does not see these as having value. And we are domesticated to believe we are nothing more than a mentally-fabricated (ego) identity.

Maintaining this (ego) identity becomes the priority to our sense of survival. As we take on more and more of this (ego) identity, our connection to our true self, our infinite nature, wanes. At some point we ignore and/or forget that who we are at our core is infinite and we become a reflection of our limited, finite (ego) identity.

Disconnected from our true self and Source, life becomes disjointed and choppy. When we over-identify with our (ego) identity, we act in ways that not only go against ourselves, but they go against the larger dance of energy we are a part of. We forget this life is a unified flow of energy created by a dance of infinite and interrelated moving parts. No part is truly separate from any other; although they act independently, they inescapably impact each other. There is no way to escape this. We are as individual drops of water composing an ever-evolving, ever-changing sea of life.

Forgetting this, we focus all our energy on growing our (ego) identity, on being an individual looking out for our own needs and desires. But this is just a small part of the larger dance we are participating in. Trying to live as if it's all there is causes stress, tension and discord inside and out. To relieve this, we must find our way back home.