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PART 1: Are you missing the boat on love?

I frequently hear things like this from clients: "I don't ever want to love again. I never want to go through that hell again." If this is you, you'll want to read this blog...

The thing is, closing ourselves to love and the sharing of love closes us off from divine life force itself, from the very flow of life through us, and from the most powerful healing energies we have access to. We can't close ourselves off from love and thrive. In fact, we can't close ourselves off from love and survive.

Love is what nourishes and sustains our life force so we can thrive. We aren't designed to live without love. Living things that are deprived of love shrivel up and die a sad, slow death. We are organisms that need love to live—love from things like the sun, the rain, food and water, compassion, and community. We thrive on loving words and touches. This is true of all living organisms. Love is what creates, sustains, and nurtures life so it can thrive.

The highest reality is that we are love. We are born from love, and we carry love inside of us from the day we are conceived. It's our essence. We just have to remove the obstacles that keep us from embracing that essence within.

Once we do so and can open ourselves to the breadth of genuine loving, we are filled with it, and it flows easily in and out of us without fail, because pure love is an infinite stream. This is the energy we feel when in the presence of enlightened masters such as Jesus—genuine, overflowing love.

But few of us here have reached a level of spiritual enlightenment that allows us to access this. I've come to believe that this is what our earth journey is about. It's a journey of our heart, our soul, back to its essence—pure, genuine love itself.

So how do we start to get there? I cover that in Part 2…

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