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How to rid intense emotion

Sometimes your mind gets so much steam or momentum behind it that you can’t stop it. It becomes like a runaway train barreling down the tracks at top speed, full steam ahead with no brakes. Sometimes it packs so much energy, it renders you scattered, unable to focus, distracted and anxious. This can ruin your day and keep you up all night so you wake up and go to bed feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Since your thoughts keep your feelings stirred up, this cycle makes for a difficult time. Anger, sadness or shame, for example, can consume you, distract you and drain you. Unanswerable questions about the past or future can frustrate you. Wishing things were different leaves you feeling unhappy and disconnected.

This happens because thoughts and feelings are energy. And when you allow your mind to feed its thought energy into your feelings, they intensify and grow into emotions. Emotional energy is more dense and impacts your nervous system which directly influences how the rest of your organs function—your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, glands, digestion, etc..


Remember this: your energy flows where your attention goes. What your mind focuses on is what you feed all your prana or life force energy to. Whatever it is, grows in strength and power in your life.

The energy of your thoughts and feelings carry a specific frequency that can be low or high. When your mind cycles low frequency thoughts, your being cycles low frequency feelings, emotions and desires that lead to low frequency actions. These actions are not aligned with your highest good or your soul's evolution.

You can learn to gain mastery over this dynamic using my After A Breakup HELP guidebook or classes. This is what they are designed for. Women are successfully shifting these painful patterns in their lives for good with the tools I offer. And the best news is that they are simple to do.

As you master your mind and reclaim your personal power, your mind becomes your employee rather than your boss—a tool you can use to elevate yourself out of the low frequency existence you are stuck in. This means you stop leaking your energy to useless mental-emotional cycles and start evolving to a high frequency life instead.

From a high frequency, life takes on an entirely different color. You feel more empowered, centered, confident and happy inside. You deal with stressors with a calm certainty rather than with worry or anxiety. You take actions that are aligned with a higher power rather than based in ego drives and fears. And you use your experiences to evolve rather than to crumble or close your heart. The difference is amazing!