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How the energy of attachment impacts manifesting

The other day in my After A Breakup: Finding peace and power online women's group, the big spiritual teaching around non-attachment came up, and it arose within the context of manifesting. What most folks don't realize is that mastering non-attachment is one key to manifesting. And that non-attachment is more about what you do with your energy than what you do in your mind, though they are intimately connected.

You see, there are specifics to manifesting that involve your energy—the energy of your conscious and subconscious thoughts, plus the energy of the feelings you access when connecting with your dream. Those feelings carry a frequency that allows the Universe or Source to respond more easily and accurately to your dream. That's because feelings pack a more intense frequency than thoughts do.

To unpack this a bit more, there are four primary mistakes most of us make in relation to manifesting:

  • we are unclear about what we really want because we are afraid to ask for it (don't want to be disappointed, don't feel we deserve, believe it's out of reach, feel greedy or guilty, etc...)

  • we transmit our dream via conscious thoughts rather than feelings

  • we limit access to our dream with our subconscious thoughts

  • we attach our dream to a story about how it must look

Let me give you an Insider's Tip: navigating all four of these in a specific way is essential to successful manifesting! This particular blog is about #4, or how our attachments block our dreams from manifesting.

The key is in realizing that when it comes to manifesting, when I say "non-attachment," I don't mean that you detach from what you dream of. I mean that you detach from how your dream comes to you. That is essential because the mind imposes tremendous limitations on the possibilities, based on our conditioning. When we connect to the frequency of our dream and then release how it shows up, that's when the energy can start to open up and flow.

As long as we stay attached in our head about it, the mind and its thoughts will throw up barriers based on our subconscious fears and conditioning. For example, it will start streaming thoughts like, "But that's impossible. It never happens that way" or "What you want doesn't exist. It's a fairytale" or "You can't afford that car, so just give it up" or "You're not in a position to get that, you don't have the resources so forget it" or "You're not good/pretty/thin enough." These are examples of subconscious thoughts that keep the stream of energy holding our dream from connecting with us in real time.

When we release all those limiting thoughts, ideas, and stories about why it can't happen—the ones that come from a sense of lack—then Source can connect us with the frequency of our dream, and magic happens! For most of us, getting to the point where we operate out of a prosperity mindset instead of a scarcity mindset takes inner healing work. That's because most of us grew up with some version of scarcity mindset in our lineage, so it is deeply embedded in our psyche. Yet, it can be fairly easily cleared with specific energy techniques such as those I teach and use to help clients unblock their life force.

These are also topics we unpack directly and deeply in the After A Breakup HELP program and guidebook. It's funny how the wisdom of that program applies to so much more than post-breakup thriving...

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