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How do you "awaken" yourself?

Hello my friend,

Have you ever wondered what the easiest path to awakening is? Most of us wonder about this at some point or another because we long to simplify our lives in fulfilling ways. Is it reading spiritual books? Taking on spiritual practices? Meditating? Being of service? Having a spiritual guide? All of those are of great help, yet what if I told you that the path you seek is reflected all around you and all you have to do is tune in?

Yep, that's right! All you have to do is tune know, like you tune in to your favorite radio station. And what if I told you that tuning in every day can absolutely change your life for the better? Would you do it?

You already have everything you need to do so...well, almost. It helps to have a guide to translate the messages until you know how to translate them for yourself, but the wisdom you seek is all around you, every single nature.

Toads, for instance, model for us how essential the power of transformation is. Birds model things like joy and new perspectives. Wolves model awareness, patience, planning, stalking, and collaboration. Trees model steadfastness, flexibility, stamina, and ease. Stones model purposefulness and strength. The moon teaches us about cycles and the sun about service. Together the moon and sun teach us about balance, harmony, and collaboration. These are just a few of the spiritual wisdom that surround us on a daily basis in nature.

So why and how is this helpful to us? At our core, we are made of the same five elements as nature: earth, air, fire, water, and aether. We are not separate from nature, we are a part of it. On some level, we resonate with the "language" of nature because it's our language too. But for so many, we have no idea how to listen to, interpret, or learn from that language. This is what we've lost as a culture by separating ourselves out from nature to the degree that we have.

But there are some who choose to nurture that relationship instead, like the indigenous of the world and those of us who practice shamanism. We view nature as the most powerful and important teacher we have access to, bearing centuries of deep wisdom. We know how to communicate and collaborate with nature for growth and healing.

I bring this up because April is a powerful month for focusing on personal growth. It's a time of birthing, blossoming, and becoming. As a part of nature, we can enter this stream of becoming and "draft off of it" energetically to support our own evolution.

If you are a seeker wanting guidance and clarity on your journey, a transformational coaching session can lift the fog and give you exactly what you need to move forward. Book your session on the Coaching page.

As always...remember that if you change nothing, nothing changes.

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