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Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, emotional, tired, or anxious?

When I set out to write July's blog, I thought I'd be writing about the lunar eclipse. But that is not what came through! This month's blog tackles things I generally keep between me and my clients but...I trust it is in perfect alignment, so here goes.

Do you know our greatest power comes from our energy? Most of us don't relate to our energy. It's not something we're taught growing up. We can't see, hear, taste, smell, or touch it so it's easy to ignore.

If you're a Star Wars fan like me, you may relate to the idea of "the force." The force is the mysterious life force energy that flows through us, animates us and gives us life, the spark of life that is our Soul Light. Without it we are dead, empty corpses. We can't see it but we know it's there and working because we are alive, just like we can't see electricity but we know it's there and working because the light is on.

When we are born (and healthy) our life force energy is vibrant and open. We feel connected to a larger whole and to Source. We see the world around us as us. From that place of wholeness, we are actually very powerful.

If we could maintain this into adulthood, we would save ourselves a ton of trouble! But we don't and our most powerful assets—our sense of wholeness and our connection to our energy body—get ignored. What a mistake that is! This brilliant TED talk by brain scientist and researcher Jill Bolte Taylor tells it like it is.

What does our energy body have to do with our personal power? If we feel tired, depressed or reactive, we are not in our personal power and it's a sure sign there are issues with our energy body. A disconnect from our energy body messes with our thoughts, feelings and actions, leaves us vulnerable to stress, and if we ignore it long enough, makes us physically ill.

I know this from personal experience. I've been there...too freaking tired to get out of bed, to focus, to take care of business, to do anything at all. We call it depression or stress or overwhelm, and it is, but those are symptoms of a depleted energy body. When the energy that sustains us gets weak, it leaves us feeling diminished, defeated, deflated and unable to take desired actions. I know it may sound odd, but that's because talking about these things in relation to our energy body is unfamiliar and uncommon.

The good news is we can learn. I was taught years ago and this is something that I teach to my coaching clients today. It's not magic. It's a very natural part of who we are. And the thing is, it's not hard to learn with the right mentor.

One last thing: On July 16th there is a partial lunar eclipse of the full moon, and although we won't see it in North America, it still impacts us. Eclipses are powerful times to explore the lightness and darkness within and restore balance. How? By embracing your wholeness as a reflection of both the lightness and the darkness. We all have both. It's what we do with them that matters. And...inner balance is linked to the vibrancy of your energy body. There, I got that covered!

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