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Did your echo chamber ruin your relationship?

It's easy to slip into our "stance" when we feel strongly about something. Our level of righteousness can be an indicator of how important a thing is to us. And if we're willing to dig in, we will also likely find that our stance is an indicator of a hidden or subconscious fear we hold inside.

As humans, we tend to cling to the things that help us feel safe and secure. A sense of safety and security is basic need we all have. Yet it is also true that when we open to new perspectives and face our fears, we grow past them.

If we never take space to challenge our views and our fears, we live in a narrow echo chamber and a false sense of superiority and safety. And we miss the whole boat when it comes to genuine loving. Echo chambers aren't where we find true personal power, safety, or love.

It's in facing and challenging our views and our deepest fears that we access genuine personal power and safety. And doing so allows us to forge more genuinely loving relationships with ourselves and others. It's not an easy journey, yet it's a fulfilling one…

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