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Cliff Notes: The Sorcerer's Legacy series

The Sorcerer's Legacy is a tale rich in adventure and mystery, yet grounded in real-life struggles around belonging, identity, power, love, and courage. Like many such tales, at its core is a hope of light winning over darkness. Woven into the story, you'll find deep spiritual wisdom rooted in ancient traditions from around the world. And hidden between the lines, you may find bits and pieces of yourself...

The tale's hero is a young girl named Hanaria, born the second of three daughters to a royal family in the lands known as Paradesia. It's a beautiful place surrounded by mountains to the north, woods to the east and south, and sands that border the Azurite Sea to the west. A small community, it's a trade hub that sees regular activity nonetheless.

Though Hanaria is an ordinary girl by most standards, she is, in fact, quite extraordinary when it comes to her character. This makes life difficult for her and her family. She feels she doesn't fit in to the royal life, and after years of failing to live up to her parents' expectations, she longs to be free.

One day through a series of random events, she encounters a boy in the woods—an Outlander from the mountain clans—who both threatens and saves her life. She quickly finds herself in a peculiar and dangerous situation. She doesn't yet know it, but she and this boy will encounter each other again, and he will come to play a key role in her future.

Her chance meeting with this boy innocently kicks off a string of events that awakens an ancient and tangled web of secrets surrounding the original war. The signs are clear to the Elders. Something old and dangerous is rising. Yet it has been ignored or dismissed for so many generations that most don't see it for what it truly is—a threat to everything they love.

It's not long before the people's lives begin to change, impacted by the ripples of this danger rising. Only, it is so subtle that it's much easier for them to believe the lies that are spun to cover the truth than it is for them to face the truth itself. And so it is that lies are upheld and the truth falters under the weight of fear, turning the people against themselves without their ever knowing it.

This is how power corrupts. This is how freedom and sovereignty are threatened. This is how the ego cheats. And this is how a new war begins…

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