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Change is in the stars

Experts say 2019 is the year for change. It's written in the stars! But since I'm no astrologer I won't get too deep into that...

What I will say is there is no good reason to keep waiting, to keep putting yourself and your life on hold. Waiting for something to change generally doesn't bring about what we want.

And if ever the forces were behind us to help make things happen, this is the year. It's time to put our gloves on and get busy! This is your life; why spend another day of it feeling bad?


That's because we've been taught that real change is supposed to be hard. It's in our cultural language: pull yourself up by your bootstraps; don't be a sissy; put your big girl pants on; hard times make you stronger; hard times prove your grit; God doesn't give you more than you can handle...And I bet you've heard other things, too.

On some level we are led to believe events that are hard will make us stronger or wiser. Believing so helps us find meaning in our struggles. We think hard times are essential to our growth, that we will be better for working hard at something, or that there's a bigger payoff for suffering through hard times. And there's nothing wrong with this view...


Change doesn't have to be hard. And hard work doesn't guarantee success or automatically make you a better person. Hard work isn't the only path to being strong, either. And it's not an exclusive road to the pearly gates of heaven, if you believe in that.

If you are struggling with your life, change is what can free you from it, and successful change can be easy instead of hard. Go figure—there's nothing magical about hard times!


2019 is a good year to finally make the changes you want. And it's a great year to take dedicated action instead of struggle another day under the weight of unmet dreams. Imagine waking up on New Year's Day, 2020 filled with excitement instead of dread! Imagine what you could be celebrating...

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