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Are you in charge or is your mind?

I remind myself of this simple saying often...sometimes daily: "If you can dream it, You can do it..."

We see in history over and over again that people's dreams eventually manifest. Take airplanes, for example, or speed trains. Once an idea forms into a thought, it's already on its way to becoming a reality.

This is why our thoughts are so powerful, especially the ones we say to ourselves.

But things don't just magically happen. The dream - our thoughts - must be nurtured into being, just like every other living thing.

How do we nurture them?

By devoting our attention and energy to them. What we focus on, we feed our energy, life force, or prana to, and it grows in strength. At some point if we continue to feed a thought, it becomes "a thing" in our life.

Once here, if we want to keep it thriving, we must give it our loving attention, just like every other living thing. All living things thrive on loving attention. They shrivel up and disappear without it.

Dreams - ideas - are living things. They need loving attention to thrive. So do nightmares. If we feed our "loving attention" to a nightmare, the nightmare grows in strength just like a dream does until it becomes "a thing" in our life.

This is why mastering the mind - our thoughts - is such a powerful act. The thoughts we have drive the rest of our lives whether we consciously realize it or not. What we say to ourselves in our mind is most important.

The yogi masters say we have 1000 thoughts with every wink of the eye. Since 95% of the 50,000-80,000 thoughts we have a day are delegated to our subconscious psyche, a mere 5% are in our conscious awareness. This means that 95% of our thoughts happen outside of our conscious awareness, which renders us in command of a mere 5% of how we create our lives...!

Mastering the thinking mind is one big ke