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A twist to "it's your fault"

What a powerful notion this is—that we co-create every scenario we experience in this life to help us heal. I mean, I've understood for years now that every experience provides us with an opportunity to grow and evolve. But to say that we co-create the scenarios of our lives so that we can evolve on a soul level...well, that feels like a whole new level.

I've heard this notion many times over the years, yet for some reason, today I'm feeling it in a new way. I've had discussions about this with people over the years who have said, for example, "You mean it's my fault that I hooked up with this asshole" or "You mean I chose this bullshit" or "Are you saying I somehow created this trauma or am responsible for it?"

It's hard to take in the notion that we co-create our reality when we feel so devastated by the circumstances of our lives in that moment, and want nothing more than to be free of them. Yet it seems to be a consistent bit of spiritual wisdom across multiple traditions that on some level, in some way, our soul participates in connecting us with just the specific experiences we need to evolve past the obstacles within us that keep us from our capacity to be genuinely loving—to drop our masks and our defenses and our stories and our conditioning and just let our true (love) nature shine out into the world.

Whew. I think I'll stop there for now…

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