My NDE Experience

We are here to share our unique, magnificent soul gifts with the world.

What I will share about my near death experience (NDE) is that it was an answer to my prayers. Yep, I prayed all the way to work that morning, asking for something more. I was raised Catholic, but by then I had moved beyond that tradition. I told God, or the Divine Supreme Source of all that is, that I was done with the struggle and the heartache in life, that I felt complete in what I'd already experienced, and that I either wanted to die and go home, or be shown what was next for me to do here.

I also prayed that if there was something more for me to do, to show me clearly because I didn't want to keep doing what I was doing. It was too stressful and I was terribly unhappy, even though I'd done everything society said would lead to happiness—gone to University and graduate school, entered a professional career, bought a house, and was in a longterm relationship.

My body was tired, my spirit was drained...I worked from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily just to keep up with the demands of the job, which left no space or energy for anyone or anything else.  It's no wonder that my relationship and mood suffered. I was disillusioned and felt cheated in life. I was burnt out, miserable, exhausted, and done with the inner struggle. 

I had a 30 minute commute to work on the back roads of the Texas hill country. It was beautiful land, and every morning I used the time to ground my energy, clear my head, open my heart, and prepare myself for what I knew would be a stressful  day. This particular day I would check in at the central office of the school district I worked for in town, and then head out to a couple of campuses on the western edge of the district several miles away for the day. At the end of the day, I had to return to the central office by 4:30 p.m. to pick up some forms from parents that I needed to complete reports at home later that night. 

On my commute back to the central office that afternoon, the accident happened. It was designated a "high-impact, head-on collision." The teen driver who veered into my lane was in an old Ford F-150 pickup and I was in a small Toyota Corolla pre-airbag days, so my car crushed in quite dramatically on impact. Had I not been wearing a seatbelt, I would have been splattered on the windshield of that truck, dead. I believe that it is literally by the Grace of God that I survived the accident. 

In the hour that followed, I went unconscious and had a profound out-of-body experience while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Many things shifted for me after that accident, but I'll spare you the details. Within a year, I completely changed the trajectory of my life to take a deep dive into more ancient, nature- and energy-based healing traditions like shamanism and kundalini yoga. I began to nurture certain gifts that I had ignored my whole life—my intuition, psychic capacities, connection to nature and the unseen realms, and writing.


Today I share the wisdom I learned through this NDE, and the overall healing journey that followed it, with my clients who are facing their own obstacles. Life can be filled with challenges that don't get us anywhere, or if we know what to do, those challenges can catapult our souls and our lives forward into brighter territory. I believe that radical transformation of our inner struggles is accessible to anyone who wants it. All we have to do is have the willingness to change and to seek the right guidance.

Your transformation can begin today: