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KEY #2

Uplift your relationships and grow genuine confidence
​without  sacrificing your freedom or fun.



Early on in my formal training and experience, I recognized that there was something missing in the world of psychology, therapy, and counseling. That's because what's missing isn't something our culture attends to. In fact, quite the opposite. We bury ourselves under mountains of things that add stress and disharmony to our lives, as per our cultural conditioning. That's a big problem. It leaves us off balance and vulnerable.

The missing piece—energy—is the foundation of every part of us.
​When we ignore it, we essentially ignore the root of ourselves and our lives. 

Not many people have a relationship with the energetic part of their lives. We can't see it, so we easily ignore it. We aren't schooled on how our energy impacts  our relationship to ourselves, others, and to the rest of life...yet it does.

Humans are sensitive to energy. We just don't realize how much so. As a result, we don't look to energy as an explanation for our struggles. But when I finally understood the impact of this piece, my whole life changed for the better, which is why I'm so passionate about it. To give one example of how, I was able to shift my relationship with someone significant in my life from toxic and diminishing to loving and compassionate  just by working with my energy. For me, this was nothing shy of a miracle.


The majority of the women I work with haven't considered the energetic side of things in their lives. They don't understand how their energy is working against them, or how other people's energy impacts them every day. But they describe themselves as exhausted, too sensitive, overly emotional, overwhelmed, traumatized, mistreated, anxious, or depressed. This is a clue that their energetic body is compromised.


Energy awareness and energy healing are a passion of mine. After several life-changing experiences, I made it my mission to learn more, and dove in. Through decades of study and practice, what I discovered feels magical in its power to transform a life. One particularly profound catalyst was a mystical near death experience (NDE) I had that completely changed the trajectory of my life.

 You can read more about that here :

Understanding energy provides answers and an inner stability like nothing else can. I work with it daily and continue to refine my relationship to it. I also find that something related to energy shows up in every one of my Healing Support sessions. Women are amazed at the difference energy wisdom makes in their lives once they understand the role it plays and how to manage it. 

I learned the hard way that ignoring our energetic body is not only risky, but depending on our circumstances, can result in a lack of focus, confusion, exhaustion, sickness, burnout, emotional overwhelm or breakdown, depression, anxiety, accidents, and even physical illness and disease. In certain situations, it can be life threatening for us.

What condition is your energy body in? If you don't know but suspect a problem, let's get it cleared up. The sooner you do, the better you'll feel, and the more fun you'll have in life.

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