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KEY #1​
Soothe the roots of your mental-emotional state to stabilize and balance your life. 


When our thinking mind is overly stimulated, overly active, and caught in constant thought streams of regret over past events, displeasure with current events, or worry over future events, our emotions stay stirred up.  Then, any of these things follow: We struggle to relax (or maybe feel lethargic all the time), can't get restful sleep (or maybe want to sleep all the time), are uncomfortable when alone, and tend to be exhausted or overwhelmed. We feel stressed, tense, and fidgety. We more easily slip into toxic habits, unhealthy situations, and knee-jerk reactions. We experience chronic anxiety, fatigue, and perhaps depression too. Our thinking mind gets foggy and we lack clarity and feel unsettled, making it hard to focus and complete things. Our immune system is compromised, leaving us vulnerable to illness and disease.

Living in a constant state of mental-emotional fogginess, overdrive and distraction keeps us from connecting to our core self, which makes it difficult to heal or access our truth, power, purpose, and joy. This is a setup for ongoing struggle, for feeling tired, defeated, or lost—like we're spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.
​But we can stop this struggle.


It's not hard to master our thoughts when we know how. Learning this is just like anything else. We don't know how to drive a car until someone teaches us. We don't know how to gain mastery over our thoughts until someone teaches us.

Changing how our thinking mind "thinks" takes a specific kind of approach, just as toning certain muscles in the body takes a specific kind of exercise. Once we know how, freedom is ours. Take it from someone who has a busy mind—when we clearly see and master the subconscious, automatic thought streams that negatively impact us, our life changes in astonishing ways. 

Through​ decades of intense study and practice, I accessed some simple and powerful ways to gain mastery over the thinking mind, to break free of its hurtful hidden habits and strategies—the ones that keep us trapped in mental-emotional struggle—and rewire true, supportive ones. The powerful techniques I use and share with my coaching clients get to the heart of the matter to transform at a core level. They go well beyond your typical coaching, counseling, and even many therapeutic approaches because they are proven, precise, practical, and personal.

If you're looking for this level of transformation,

book a Therapeutic Coaching session to get started.​

KEY #2
Uplift your relationships and grow genuine confidence
​without  sacrificing your freedom or fun.



Early on in my formal training and experience, I recognized that there was something missing in the world of psychology, therapy, counseling, and coaching. That's because what's missing isn't something our culture attends to. In fact, quite the opposite. We bury ourselves under mountains of things that add stress and disharmony to our lives, as per our cultural conditioning. That's a big problem. It leaves us off balance and vulnerable.

The missing piece—energy—is the foundation of every part of us.
​When we ignore it, we essentially ignore the root of ourselves and our lives. 

Not many people have a relationship with the energetic part of their lives. We can't see it, so we easily ignore it. We aren't schooled on how our energy impacts  our relationship to ourselves, others, and to the rest of life...yet it does.

Humans are very sensitive to energy. In fact, our bodies are wired to be energy receptors, constantly responding to frequencies and waves of sound, light, smell, sensation, and motion. All day every day, we are bombarded with stimuli that we must manage. Even though we don't recognize it, energy is everywhere, all around us all the time. We are swimming in it, and as with the waves in the ocean, we are constantly interacting with it.


In the U.S. where I grew up, we aren't (typically) raised with an awareness of energy or how much a part of our lives it is. As a result, we don't look to energy as an explanation for our struggles. But when I finally came to understand the dramatic impact of this key on my life, everything began to change for the better, especially my relationships. This is why it is a part of my work with clients.


The majority of women I work with haven't considered the energetic side of things in their lives. They don't understand how their energy is working against them, or how other people's energy impacts them every day. Yet they may describe themselves as exhausted, too sensitive, overly emotional, overwhelmed, traumatized, mistreated, taken advantage of, suspicious, afraid, anxious, or depressed. These are clues that their energetic body is compromised and weak.


Energy awareness and energy healing are a passion of mine. After several life-changing experiences, I made it my mission to learn more and dove into the study of energy-based healing traditions like kundalini yoga/meditation and shamanism. Through decades of study and practice, what I discovered feels magical in its power to transform a life. 

Understanding energy provides answers and an inner stability like nothing else can. I work with it daily and continue to refine my relationship to it. I also find that something related to energy shows up in every one of my Healing Support sessions. With just a few simple techniques, my clients are amazed at the difference this key makes in their lives. 

I learned the hard way that ignoring our energetic body is not only risky, but depending on our circumstances, can result in a lack of focus, confusion, exhaustion, sickness, burnout, emotional overwhelm or breakdown, depression, anxiety, accidents, and even physical illness and disease. In certain situations, it can be life threatening for us.

What condition is your energy body in? If you don't know but suspect a problem, let's get it cleared up. The sooner you do, the better you'll feel, and the more fun you'll have in life.

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