KEY # 1 

​Soothe the roots of your mental-emotional state to stabilize and balance your life. 


It's not hard to master your mind when you know how. Learning this is just like anything else. You don't know how to drive a car until someone teaches you. You don't know how to gain mastery over your mind until someone teaches you.

When our thinking mind is overly stimulated or overly active, our thoughts stir our emotions. We struggle to relax (or maybe feel lethargic all the time), can't get restful sleep (or maybe want to sleep all the time), are uncomfortable when alone, and tend to be exhausted or overwhelmed. We feel stressed, tense, and fidgety. We more easily slip into toxic habits, unhealthy situations, and knee-jerk reactions.  We experience chronic anxiety, fatigue, and perhaps depression too. We lack clarity and feel unsettled,  making it hard to focus and complete things. Our immune system is compromised, leaving us vulnerable to illness and disease.

Living in a constant state of mental-emotional overdrive and distraction keeps us from connecting to our core self, which makes it difficult to heal or access our truth, power, purpose, and joy. This is a setup for ongoing struggle, for feeling tired, defeated, or lost—like we're spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.
​But we can stop this struggle.


Changing how our thinking mind "thinks" takes a specific kind of approach, just as toning certain muscles in the body takes a specific kind of exercise. Once we know the approach that works, freedom is ours. Take it from someone who grew up left-brain dominant: when we clearly see and master the autopilot thought streams that hurt us, it's astonishing! 


Through​ decades of intense study and practice, I accessed some simple and powerful ways to gain mastery over the thinking mind, to break free of its hurtful hidden habits and strategies—the ones that keep us trapped in mental-emotional struggle—and rewire true, supportive ones. What I share is not a "bypass" (or avoidant strategy). It deals with the root of the issue. And it goes beyond status quo approaches because those approaches only get us so far. Today I share with clients how to do this, individualized for their particular obstacles.

If you're ready for this level of transformation, book a Healing Support Session to get started.​