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From a deeper place of integrity and a stronger connection to your true self, 
​you'll be poised to create more fulfilling relationships.

The After A Breakup HELP  program is designed especially for women and provides full support following a breakup or divorce. The program helps you heal and recover yourself at the deepest levels of your being  to create a more loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself and others long term. The Class Menu gives you the flexibility to personalize your experience and get the help you need and want without having to leave home, cramp your schedule, or drain your bank account. ​

  • Options 1 and 2 are for women who enjoy a private, DIY approach with guided video, audio, and written support. All class content is provided as an instant-access download.​

  • Option 3 is for women who like a DIY approach but don't want video or audio support. This option captures the meat of the program in a beautiful interactive guidebook available for purchase on Amazon.

  • Option 4—the full live program—is for women who want a more expanded, deep dive into their healing within a safe container of ongoing support from myself and other program members.

These classes are rooted in powerful wisdom and proven, time-tested techniques specifically designed to inspire core transformation,  more fulfilling relationships, spiritual awakening, and genuine happiness following a breakup, yet the techniques apply to overcoming any challenge.  


The seven Modules are made up of a set of classes that work together, yet each class is powerful on its own too. The classes give you clear video, audio, and written guidance for ease and support. Each class has an experiential component because taking specific healing actions is what gets the true, lasting life transformations we're after. 

Option 1
Take the specific classes you want

​You can hand pick which classes you take from a module...nothing more, nothing less. You can always return later and add classes from the Menu to complete a module and refine or deepen your journey.

Ready for answers and relief?

Step 1: Click on a Menu to see the classes in a module.
Step 2: Click on a class title to see details.
Step 3: Add your class selections to your Cart.
Step 4: Complete the check out process.
Step 5: Get instant access to your downloads. 
It's like having your own personal Life Coach at your fingertips...

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MOD 1: Move beyond resistance


MOD 2: Restore lasting peace


MOD 3: Create something new


MOD 4: Banish self-doubt


MOD 5: Master the art of love


MOD 6: Dodge relationship traps


MOD 7: Live free of old crap

Option 2
Complete each module in order

While the Class Menu gives you the freedom to pick and choose specific classes out of a module, the most powerful transformation happens by completing the classes in order from module 1 to 7. When you do, you step into a more fulfilling life without misdirecting your pain, repeating painful patterns, or closing to love. This is a great way to get the help you want at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

Option 3
​Do It Yourself HELP guidebook

If you want the power of a complete healing program in the palm of your hands, or you're more of a Do It Yourself kind of person who doesn't need the support of video or audio guidance, the After A Breakup HELP guidebook gives you all the written step-by-step coaching you need to complete the classes on your own. You get detailed lessons, plus workbook pages that explain exactly how to do the Heartwork (the action part of this program that makes it so effective). Everything is consolidated into one easy-access place. You'll be amazed at how different you feel as you engage with each class. Available on Amazon.


Heal your broken heart and clear out old patterns that don't serve you. This do-it-yourself HELP guidebook uses a unique combination of proven experiential practices to shift and clear obstacles at their more subtle, hidden level to transform how you love yourself and others. The easy to follow modules create genuine change for lasting results that lead to a deeper happiness and more fulfilling relationships. 

Option 4
The Online HELP Course

The Online HELP Course includes all seven Modules with video, audio, and written guidance, plus bonus content like additional modules, videos, and guides that go even deeper. It also includes direct access to Dr. Z and optional membership in a secret online community of women just for Course members so you're never alone, get quick answers to questions, and have the support you need. You have access to the Course content forever from wherever you access the internet, plus all updates and additions are included.

NOTE: This link takes you to my sister site, the Shamanic Passages Institute,
where the After A Breakup HELP Course lives online. 

 The Online Course gives you a safe container of support
to transform your life for the better ... for good. 

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