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Why book a session?

Changing our lives for the better isn't hard. In fact, in my own healing journey, I learned that it's much easier than living every day in  inner struggle. 

Women are often surprised at how quickly things
shift and improve with my approach.

Here's why healing support is a good idea:

Many things in our lives today create hurt and struggle. Healing on the inside makes our lives easier and more fun on the outside. These are just a few of the reasons why healing support is so beneficial:

~ Modern humans carry many deep emotional wounds, and these wounds lead us to hurt ourselves and each other whether we intend to or not. This makes it hard for us to trust ourselves or anyone else. And it also makes it hard to heal on our own.

~ Most of us are raised in a way that teaches us to over-empower our thinking or conditioned or ego mind, call it what you will. This can leave us cycling in low frequency mental habits that drain our energy and leave us feeling anxious, depressed, reactive, regretful, tense, exhausted, or unhappy. 

~ Let's face the fact that we live in a high speed, high tech era that perpetuates mental-emotional over-stimulation. This creates a perpetual state of nervous system overload and sense of stress, having lost our connection to our natural rhythm.


~ We either ignore the things that deeply nourish, sustain, and fulfill us  or we don't know what they are, the very things that bring us home to ourselves. This keeps us from knowing who we truly are and why we're here, our unique purpose. 

But all of these things can be overcome. We just have to get the right help. And once we get the right help, it's not that hard to overcome them.


This is the focus of my coaching. I help you see the deeper aspects of what's really hurting you. And then I teach you how to overcome those so you can move into a more fun, fulfilling life. 

The Journey

How I know what I know 

Years ago I went after some answers to my inner struggles and stepped firmly onto a path of healing and growth—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. At the time, it was a string of particularly difficult events that sunk me into a depressed place of defeat and doubt. My life "fell apart" and I lost all sense of myself, my direction, and my purpose. I felt so hurt, discouraged, and lost that a part of me wanted to die. And so...inner healing became my priority. ​

I tried many things over the years, some that helped and some that didn't. Through my dedicated quest, I discovered two essential keys that, when we get a handle on them, elevate us out of inner pain and into long-term relief, no matter what our life involves. The first key is identifying and mastering our hidden mental habits. The second key is managing our energetics. You can learn more about these two keys by clicking here: 


Mastering these two keys changes everything. That's why they are a big part of my work with coaching clients. Yet there are other aspects to our healing, too, and whatever they are for you, we address them in your sessions. Call it counseling, therapy, life coaching, trauma healing, shamanic or energy healing, it doesn't matter here. Your Healing Support sessions unfold in a unique way that's just right for you. This is what I do.

Women are often surprised at how quickly things begin to shift and improve with my approach. But I'm not, because in the years of doing this work, I've witnessed how powerful it is. Try it for yourself and you'll see. 

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