How can a  Healing Support session help me?

Changing your life for the better isn't hard. In fact, it's much easier than living every day in  inner struggle. In my own healing journey, I learned that with the right support, freedom from distress and suffering doesn't have to take a long time, cost a bunch of money, or feel hard.

Women are often surprised at how quickly things
shift and improve with my approach.

The Journey

How I know what I know and how it can help you

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Years ago I went after some answers to my inner struggles and stepped firmly onto a path of healing and growth—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. At the time, it was a string of particularly difficult events that sunk me into a depressed place of defeat and doubt. My life "fell apart" and I lost all sense of myself, my direction, and my purpose. I felt so hurt, discouraged, and lost that a part of me wanted to die. And so...inner healing became my priority. ​

I tried many things over the years, some that helped and some that didn't. Through my dedicated quest, I discovered two essential keys that, when we get a handle on them, elevate us out of inner pain and into long-term relief, no matter what our life involves. The first key is mastering mental-emotional habits. The second key is managing our energetic body. You can learn more about these two keys by clicking through the site menu. 


Mastering these two keys changed everything for me. It made life feel a lot easier and more fulfilling, less jagged and difficult, no matter the history or circumstances. I feel happy inside, and when things get tough, I manage it with more authority and less drama, so I can get on with enjoying my life. That's why this is a major part of my work with clients.


I see how dedicating to this kind of transformation saves us a ton of heartache and time in life. And I want you to live your best life, which is why I share with clients what it took me decades to learn. There is no doubt in my mind that you can transform your life for the better by knowing how to tend to these two keys alone. Isn't that amazing?


Yet there are other aspects to our healing, too, and whatever they are for you, we address them in your Healing Support sessions. Call it counseling, therapy, life coaching, trauma healing, shamanic or energy healing, it doesn't matter here. This is what I do. Your Healing Support sessions are experiential and uniquely formulated just for you. 

Women are often surprised at how quickly things begin to shift and improve with my approach. But I'm not, because in the years of doing this work myself and offering it professionally, I've witnessed how powerful it is. The best way to know is to try it for yourself. I've noticed that we often access the greatest gains on the other side of the very things we ignore, judge, or resist. 

You are way too important to quit on. Let's find your way to freedom.