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Books entertain and educate, relax and inspire, motivate and move us.


The Sorcerer's Legacy

​Books 1, 2, 3​​

Join the fun adventures of Hanaria in this romantic,  dangerous, and mysterious tale of The Sorcerer's Legacy. Come along as she follows the twisted road of fate to an unknown destiny. Click through to the Fan Page for the latest insider news. Amazon


​After A Breakup HELP (2022)

Transmute the pain. Feel genuinely happy. And don't repeat old mistakes. Learn how in this powerful guided workbook. No hassle. No big expense. No schedule. The inclusion of unique techniques to shift and clear the more subtle obstacles of a breakup transform you at your core for lasting results that lead to a happier life and more fulfilling relationships. Amazon 


​Under The Moon (2020)

This delightful digital book for youngsters can be read as a “get ready for bed” story or any time your little one fancies a charming tale. In this fun-to-read rhyming story, they learn the look and sounds of several nocturnal animals. Each page presents your child with hand-drawn, full-color illustrations that are beautiful works of art.  Amazon


​The Six Sacred Gifts: 

This personal and powerful read  helps you navigate through life's spiritual challenges with more wisdom and ease.  Amazon

Everyday wisdom for the spiritual seeker (2013) 


AD/HD Generation:

​Holistic Ways to Support Children (2009)

Struggling with your child over upsetting behaviors? Learn how to cope using everything from behavioral techniques to flower essences.  Start changing the dynamics now, and get the scoop on professional options to help you more easily make the best decisions for you, your child, and your family's wellbeing. Amazon